Drift Action Cam Mount

The goal was to design an action camera mount specifically for recording drifting. When the car is sliding sideways, traditional camera mounts don’t really cut the mustard – they always point in the direction the car is facing, not the direction the car is travelling.

The wing at the rear of the mount catches the wind and aligns the action cam into the wind. A 608 sealed bearing is housed in the centre piece of the mount to allow the whole assembly to rotate about its axis. The result is silky smooth footage.

The mount will be supplied with a tripod mount which has a standard 2 lobe action cam mount, so this can attach to any standard camera mounting system including suction cups, and tube mounts.

We’re at prototyping stage of this project, with plans to give it a shake down at a track day soon. We will be offering this product for purchase through Etsy in the coming months.